Floors that Stay in School

For schools, it’s important that your investment in your floor finish gives you great value, and lasts a long time.

Our floor finishing systems stand up to the traffic and activity that schools play host to every day. Not only that, but they maintain their lustre year after year, whether it’s in the hallway, the bathroom, the walkway or the stairs. We’ve also finished auditoriums, gyms, University/TAFE Facilities, sporting facilities and community centers. We’re on the floors of Fire Halls and Ambulance Stations; our Polyurea coatings are built for the busiest, most important and safest surfaces that our society depends on each day.

We’ve even covered the floors of prisons. We can’t say much for the accommodations, but you should see the floors.


Surface Floors Inc. Recommends

For schools and government facilities, we recommend the Solid Colour System and Quartz System.