Good Enough for Museums and Fish Markets Alike

Chances are you’ve walked on a floor that is finished with one of our floor finishing products. Either at the shopping mall, hairdresser, or the bakery. Or maybe it was the last time you visited an automobile showroom, or even fish market. It would have been the kind of floor you took notice of. One that you remembered.

When keeping your floors clean and looking good is important, you want our floor solutions. They look great and last the test of time in high traffic, high-class locations like museums, art galleries and banks. But they’re up to the task of handling your warehouse traffic and exposure too.

And we know a butcher who swears by the Polyurea-coated floor we installed for him. He says the blood washes right off.


Surface Floors Inc. Recommends

In commercial spaces, we like to suggest the Solid Colour System, Quartz System, Metallic System or the Medici.